Duchess of The Paisley Army of Gnomes (ebiannah) wrote in hawaii_exiles,
Duchess of The Paisley Army of Gnomes

It's a sign! A sign, I tell ya!

Okay, backstory. I live in Georgia. All right, more like a back sentence. Anyway,
my five year old checked out a book from his school library. It was called "Maui Goes Fishing".
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a sign that you'll move back?
It could be...or it could be a sign I spend waaaaayyyy too much time obsessing over Hawaii. Or it could be a sign to head down to the Japanese/Korean place down the street for some halfway decent teriyaki.

But it's a sign! Honest! Really! LOL at myself.

Please, have a great day and please pardon my silliness. Is much too late for little old me.