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Exiled from Hawaii [entries|friends|calendar]
People from Hawaii stuck living elsewhere

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Go Hawaiian and save up to $175 with Aston Hotels & Resorts promotion code [26 Jul 2010|02:36pm]

Save up to $175 with an air and Aston Resorts vacation to beautiful
Oahu, Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii’s Big Island. Aston Resorts provide a wide array of accommodations that will wrap you in an authentic Aloha experience, from hotels and villas to condominiums and cottages.

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Use promo code: CV12222
Book by: Aug 7, 2010
Travel between: July 18 – Mar 31, 2011


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Long Overdue... [16 Nov 2009|01:25pm]

Here's some pictures of last year's visit home.

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Aloha! [04 Aug 2008|04:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I just found this community and thought maybe someone would be able to help me out.

I was born in Honolulu, used to live in Kailua then Kaneohe. I pretty much grew up on Lanikai Beach, we were there all the time with my cousins (who live here in Northern Cali now also). Although I am now almost 22 and I moved to Northern California when I was about 10 and haven't been able to go back since, I miss it so much. All of my favorite memories are there. Thanks to Myspace, I was able to reconnect with my friend who lived just 2 houses away from me in Kaneohe, and it turns out her parents are still in the same exact house. I thought for sure they would have moved.

Anyways, my cousin and I share a special bond. We love love love our Hawaiian Sun drinks (Passion orange represent!! lol). I used to get them when my mom would go to the Asian markets up here in Cali, but most of those places have closed down and the one new one that just opened does not carry them :( I found where I can order some online, but I would like to go to the store to get it because online, it is way more expensive than I have ever paid for it. Plus, I don't want to wait for shipping, my cousin was in a car accident this past weekend and I was going to bring him some.

If anyone knows where I could find it in the Fairfield/Vacaville/Davis area please let me know. Its not that big of a deal, I just thought it would be nice to bring him some.


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ALOHA! [23 Apr 2007|06:12pm]

hey everyone! i'm from aiea and im now living in st. louis....havent been back in 6 years :(
im getting ready to plan my twins first birthday in august! im so excited! although no one here really understands why im making such a big deal out of it :(
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Ohelo Dream [22 Feb 2007|05:00pm]

I've scoured the internet/forums/etc and have found nothing, but here goes: I hope someone here can help me!

My girlfriend grew up in Hilo and once had something there called 'Ohelo Dream' - I don't think it's the jam, or a pie, and I've been looking all over for it but I can't seem to find out what it is or where I can get it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Someone mentioned it might be a sorbet that Tropical Dreams made, but I've e-mailed them and haven't heard back yet.

Thank you so much!

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Keep Free Speech Public Access In Hawaii Alive!!! [07 Feb 2007|09:18pm]

Your kokua is needed. I was made aware of this through a e-mail I got from the Hawaii-Nation list-serve from Ehu Kekahu Cardwell. Please pass along.


Not only can you help, but your help is needed to save Hawaii's public access television channels.

Two bills have been introduced in the legislature that would exempt the public access providers from the disruption of having to respond to the state's bidding process. In other words, they would be exempt from the procurement code. The existing contracts are still controlled by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, as they always have been.

If these bills are passed into law, then there will be no risk that public access television could be taken over by special interest or moneyed interests, or even by a Mainland corporation. They would remain locally-operated.


To find out more and what you can do, please visit Hawaii's public access website at the link below.

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It's a sign! A sign, I tell ya! [15 Sep 2006|10:24am]

Okay, backstory. I live in Georgia. All right, more like a back sentence. Anyway,
my five year old checked out a book from his school library. It was called "Maui Goes Fishing".
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[17 Aug 2006|10:48pm]

I somehow was persuaded to go to Florida last minute with my family. Im not a big Florida fan, but on the 16 hour drive down I got somewhat excited because I would be spending a week at the beach and I hadn't been to the ocean since I left Kailua in May. Man- was I disappointed. Id only  been to a beach off of the continental US once when I was 11 so I didnt really know what to expect, though I was pretty sure it would be nowhere near what I had gotten used to on the islands. I got here and you couldnt see through the water at all, there were no waves, and the atmosphere was totally different. I was so bummed. While I was happy to at least be in the ocean, I have to say  I miss the Pacific more after being at the beach for a week than I did before I got here.
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aloha [09 Aug 2006|08:18pm]

aloha to all
Howzit back home??
Going to try and come back to waipahu for a visit this year....tired of the mainland and miss the ocean in hawaii, the atlantic is nothing like the pacific....not even the same color...
aloha to a hui hoi..Kaavi kalani
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I wanna go home.... [02 Aug 2006|08:44am]

[ mood | distressed ]

In Honolulu, it will be 80 today. But it will feel like 83. In Athens, Georgia, today, it will be 99 and feel like Hell just moved in next door.

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Sounds like thunder [15 Jul 2006|12:19am]

[ mood | calm ]

...better head for the high grounds
white water comin'
no foolin' around...

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Hi there! [13 Jun 2006|05:16pm]
Alright, sorry guys. I'm sneaky and I've never lived in Hawaii before.

However, the interest is there. Assuming any of you remember the area or even live there now, think you could be really generous and answer some questions?

Me and a friend were talking about living in Hawaii. We're both kind of spontaneous girls, and her family's already lived there, and we talked about getting a small, two bedroom apartment and getting some waitressing jobs and living there for a while.

Of course the initial idea is unrealisitc, but I was curious. Assuming any of you live in Hawaii, how's the cost of living? Does it vary from a touristy-place like Honolulu to a more secluded place? Is it really hard to find a job that will at least pay the bills? Is housing outside of tourist towns hard to find? How are your bills? Anything along those lines would help us a lot. Websites tell the cost of living, but they're always super general.
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Lemon Chicken Is Ono [08 Jun 2006|12:03am]

[ mood | hiphophappity ]

So... we went to

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*sigh* [03 Jun 2006|12:56pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

Sitting here, eating bbq spam and watching Hawaii go by on YouTube and various Hawaii web cams.

I need to go home.

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in Hawaii for [02 Jun 2006|11:29am]

1 week. I am taking in every single minute!
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A webcam map of Hawaii, damn it's pretty there. [22 May 2006|04:55pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Sadly I can't afford to get out to Hawaii. But my friend Tracy went and she made a map of web-cams all over the islands:


I added some beautiful videos to the map that I found on youtube and voila! It's an interactive map of Hawaii!
Like it?



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"home" for summer [17 May 2006|05:32pm]

just finished my first year at chaminade (univ of honolulu). back in my hometown los angeles, cali, but nothing is right. i dont belong here. i dont wear shoes and i like to be able to breathe when i go outside. i miss the bus makapu'u, channing from 7-11, who always thinks im 16, and those discount sundays at kahala.

it took me 19 years to realize that i never belonged in LA, and that i had never experienced happiness. not only because hawaii is beautiful, but because of the people who inhabit it. everyone's real on the island, nobody's doubled over on their own BS like in the 310.

just about 90some odd days till next semester

my name is zeze. im an artist
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Nanakuli High [22 Oct 2005|07:19pm]

Anyone ever see that Nanakuli High video they made for drug prevention, or whatever? CRACKer jacks!

No one is going to know what I'm talking about... :(
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Simple pleasures [10 Oct 2005|09:35pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Please help. [12 Sep 2005|12:57pm]

Hi all,

I am in Hawaii, Honolulu to be exact, for two weeks. I am so TIRED of touristy shit in Honolulu. The only place I found that was real was is the coffee shop accross the street from the Hilton Hawaiian villiage. I am done with touristy crap. I just want a place where I can get something to eat and get a beer with local people. I don't want to hear about what "johnny" did in the ocean, I just want a taste local people. Hell, I can talk to people from out of town back home. Someone please help me!!!



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