zeze zoe didie loupe sostrate kiva (zezedrum) wrote in hawaii_exiles,
zeze zoe didie loupe sostrate kiva

"home" for summer

just finished my first year at chaminade (univ of honolulu). back in my hometown los angeles, cali, but nothing is right. i dont belong here. i dont wear shoes and i like to be able to breathe when i go outside. i miss the bus makapu'u, channing from 7-11, who always thinks im 16, and those discount sundays at kahala.

it took me 19 years to realize that i never belonged in LA, and that i had never experienced happiness. not only because hawaii is beautiful, but because of the people who inhabit it. everyone's real on the island, nobody's doubled over on their own BS like in the 310.

just about 90some odd days till next semester

my name is zeze. im an artist
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