the dick (suqit) wrote in hawaii_exiles,
the dick

Hi there!

Alright, sorry guys. I'm sneaky and I've never lived in Hawaii before.

However, the interest is there. Assuming any of you remember the area or even live there now, think you could be really generous and answer some questions?

Me and a friend were talking about living in Hawaii. We're both kind of spontaneous girls, and her family's already lived there, and we talked about getting a small, two bedroom apartment and getting some waitressing jobs and living there for a while.

Of course the initial idea is unrealisitc, but I was curious. Assuming any of you live in Hawaii, how's the cost of living? Does it vary from a touristy-place like Honolulu to a more secluded place? Is it really hard to find a job that will at least pay the bills? Is housing outside of tourist towns hard to find? How are your bills? Anything along those lines would help us a lot. Websites tell the cost of living, but they're always super general.
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