Duchess of The Paisley Army of Gnomes (ebiannah) wrote in hawaii_exiles,
Duchess of The Paisley Army of Gnomes

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I wanna go home....

In Honolulu, it will be 80 today. But it will feel like 83. In Athens, Georgia, today, it will be 99 and feel like Hell just moved in next door.
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I feel you.

Here in MA, it will be 100 and feel like 115.

I don't have AC in my apartment. I'm slowly roasting today. I wish I had Hanalei Bay to spend my day at.
Bleh. Sending Cool Temp Vibes your way.

I was in Georgia on the 8th, in Rome, and wanted to kill myself. However, it was somehow cooler there then it is in Charleston, WV. Two weeks ago, with the heat index, it was 112 degrees. 112 degrees! Thats insanity.