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Keep Free Speech Public Access In Hawaii Alive!!!

Your kokua is needed. I was made aware of this through a e-mail I got from the Hawaii-Nation list-serve from Ehu Kekahu Cardwell. Please pass along.


Not only can you help, but your help is needed to save Hawaii's public access television channels.

Two bills have been introduced in the legislature that would exempt the public access providers from the disruption of having to respond to the state's bidding process. In other words, they would be exempt from the procurement code. The existing contracts are still controlled by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, as they always have been.

If these bills are passed into law, then there will be no risk that public access television could be taken over by special interest or moneyed interests, or even by a Mainland corporation. They would remain locally-operated.


To find out more and what you can do, please visit Hawaii's public access website at the link below.

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